Monday, April 14, 2014

Sublime - Key Binding for Toggle Word Wrap

Tired of choosing the View menu, then Word Wrap?  Are you a keyboard person, not a mouse person?

This will save you a little bit of time.  Add this key binding line to your "Key Bindings - User" to eliminate the new for mouse work.

{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+w"], "command": "toggle_setting", "args": {"setting": "word_wrap"}}

You can certainly change the key combination to your liking.

For me, this is actually replacing the "close window" default binding.  I can hit ALT+F to bring up the file menu and then "x" to Exit the application just fine.  (Been doing that for years.)  Or even ALT+F4.  Or CTRL+W repeatedly (closes files, then the the application when there are no more open documents.)  I simply don't need yet another "exit the application" keyboard shortcut.

- Will Belden
April 14, 2014


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Thanks, man!

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