Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eclipse and getting .htm and .html files to open in CFEclipse...

I've been working lately with a lot of HTML files that primary templates, read in by ColdFusion and Java for processing. I love CFEclipse, with it's great color coding making my files easier to read and scan.

However, with my current "company-provided" Eclipse setup, .htm* files opened in the regular text editor. I finally figured out how to change it, instead of right clicking on each file in the navigator and selecting "Open With...CFML Editor".

Select the Window menu, then choose Preferences. Under General, Editors select File Associations. Then, scroll down in the list to .htm and .html. Click on the first, ".htm". In the bottom section, called "Associated Editors", depending on your configuration, you might see multiple options. These, apparently, are the choices you have when you right click the specific file. But highlight "CFML Editor", then click the "Default" button to the right. Do this again for .html in the top list, and you'll be set!

- Will Belden
Tuesday, April 25, 2008

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